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The Garden Residences | PRICE Reduced for this month only!✅ Units selling at almost Developer Breakeven price
✅ CNY promo discount, CHEAPER than before
✅ Cross Island Line upside

👍Best Buy Units
1Br 452sf
Facing main pool
#04-10: $682,800 ⭐
#08-10: $695,400
“Best facing & lowest quantum”

1+Study 517sf
Facing open area
#03-14: $749,100
#10-14: $750,500 ⭐
“Lowest psf, selling at breakeven price”

2Br 1Bath 614sf
Facing open area
#03-13: $907,400 ⭐
#04-13: $910,200
“Cheapest 2br compared to surrounding projects”

Facing Sgoon Garden Landed
#04-40: $925,400
#10-40: $965,300 ⭐
“Best facing, now selling cheaper than previous transacted units”

2+Study 2Bath 689sf
Facing open area
#04-44: $1,068,600
#04-24: $1,072,400

3Br 786/797sf
Facing open area
#03-02: $1,198,500
#04-02: $1,202,200
#03-43: $1,219,000

3+Study 904sf
Facing Sgoon Garden Landed
#03-19: $1,464,600
#04-19: $1,469,300

4+Study 1119sf
Facing Sgoon Garden Landed
#03-22: $1,811,400
#04-22: $1,817,000

4 Deluxe 1195sf
Facing Sgoon Garden Landed
#03-26: $2,068,500
#04-26: $2,074,700

5 Deluxe 1539sf
Facing Sgoon Garden Landed
#03-27: $2,586,900

Prices at The Garden Residences Singapore

This is an iconic shopping mall in Singapore located in Central of Serangoon. It’s one of the biggest and popular shopping malls in Singapore. Residents from another part of Singapore also visit this shopping mall for shopping purposes.The mall has various amenities like food courts, meeting joints, and clubs theatres among many others. Generally, prices of Serangoon North Condos are very competitive compared to other developments in the same area.

Serangoon Town

Serangoon is a planning area and a residential area located in the northeast part of Singapore. Back in 1826, the main occupant of Serangoon is Indians. The brick kiln’s and cattle industry are their main work back then. The industries were discontinued as the time pass. But the culture and festivities remain to be Indian. In truth, the area is commonly called to be “Little India”. During the world war II, Serangoon Town is known to be a home of “Kampung Settlements”.

Serangoon has now evolves to a more urban town when the NEX (One of the largest shopping mall in the north-east of Singapore) was built. Transportation options was also available with Serangoon town centre being near to a bus interchange. It has 125 shops offering a variety of places. This town centre has a multi-storey car park.

Various transportation options including the new Serangoon MRT Station Interchange has made Serangoon town easily accessible to other parts of Singapore via the Circle Line.

Nex Shopping Mall

Nex Shopping Mall is Singapore’s iconic shopping centre located in the central part of Serangoon. It is one of the largest shopping mall in Singapore and is a popular shopping mall for residents around the area. Also, due to its convenient location right next to Serangoon MRT Station on the North-East Line as well as the Circle Line, many residents from other parts of Singapore will also visit Nex Shopping Mall.

It is also situated right next to Serangoon Bus Interchange which is fully integrated with the mall. The sheer size of the mall include 2 food courts as well NTUC Fairprice Xtra. The mall also houses Popular Bookstore as well as Shaw Theatres. For a quiet weekend, residents can also take a rest at the Serangoon Public Library.

Heartland Mall

Heartland Mall is a neighbourhood shopping mall located next to Kovan MRT Station. It is the one stop shopping mall for your dining needs as well as other retail choices. Heartland Mall is a popular shopping mall due to its location right next to Kovan MRT Station. There is also no other shopping centres located near to Heartland Mall.

There are many anchor tenants located within the mall such as Cold Storage as well as SportsLink. Also there is a huge selection of dining options such as Sakae Sushi, Subway as well as Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. There is also a Popular Bookstore located in Heartland Mall.

Heartland Mall is always in mind for its shoppers as the management have always hold events such as Christmas Promotions as well as weekend ballon parties to attract more shoppers to its premises.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Chomp Chomp Food Centre is an iconic shopping centre located in the Serangoon area in the private residential enclave.

It is originally known as Serangoon Garden Food Centre and is a landmark eating place due to its wide variety of local delights offered by the stalls as well as the good ratings on the food offered by various stalls. Chomp Chomp food centre offers local delights in a alfresco dining setting and is the perfect place to enjoy some delicious food anytime of the day.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre underwent a series of minor renovations to include more rooftops to provide a more comfortable dining experience.

Serangoon Town Condo Prices

Serangoon Town is a planning as well as residential area found in the east north of Serangoon. The main industries within this town are cattle as well brick kilns.

This town is now an urban center after the construction of NEX shopping mall. It has over 125 shops offering various things within the town. It also has a parking center. There are various transportations options among them including Serangoon MRT station- interchange which has made accessing other parts of Singapore through Circle line.

This is a place to be. Surrounded by numerous shopping centers equipped with many amenities thus giving the residents unique lifestyle. The beautiful Garden Residences has various transportation channels which make it easy to access other parts of Singapore. Make a date and visit the Garden Residences and get a living place and enjoy all these beautiful features.

Please see The Garden Residences Location Map at Serangoon North and the Floor Pans for more detailed layouts of the development.


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